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A Macro Ring, A Nifty Fifty and A Flash - Macro Photography On A Budget

Do you remember as a child, the joy of wandering around the garden with a magnifying glass, discovering beauty on a different level.The detail, the intricacy, the alien-ness of this world. Well that world still exists and better still, our modern cameras can capture that beauty with a few small additions. Think you need a dedicated and expensive macro lens, think again, you may even have most of what you already need.

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Virtual Scouting and The Moonrise Over Castlepoint

Moonrise Over CastlepointCastlepoint Lighthouse, Wairarapa

When I first thought about going to Castlepoint and looked at the possibilities, I looked at Google Earth and saw the moon rising over the reef. In fact the image on Google Earth that day looked pretty close to the image above. Virtual scouting is a valuable tool to have in your kit bag.

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Double Processing A RAW Image

Autumnal SunriseCentennial Drive, Palmerston North

Modern day software gives us tools to help us with all kinds of problems. From the software applications that run on our phones to the applications we use to process images, they give us the ability to things easier and faster. But easier and / or faster is not always better.

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Reality versus Interpretation

Music is a profound mystery, as a creative artist I feel that if I know what I am doing, I am probably not doing not doing my job, I like to always be just outside of my comfort zone, asking new questions, exploring new territory, trying new things, occasionally discovering new sounds

John Luther Adams

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Autumnal Sunset in the Pohangina Valley

One of the things I truly like about photography is the friendships you develop along the way. This weekend I was feeling like we hadn't been out photographing much and with the pressures and other priorities of life that happens. So I messaged a few friends and asked who was keen to make an afternoon / evening of it. In the end six of us went out in the afternoon to see what we could find up the Pohangina Valley.

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