About Us

Make for us is a trans-formative word, in some ways it is almost a revolutionary idea in our consumerist society. The process of taking something, and through vision, skill and intent, changing it into something beautiful and more suited for the role or task at hand. It's a creative process, a journey that can take five minutes, a lifetime or anywhere in between. Make Photography is about that journey, about questions and vision, about having fun with friends as we enjoy this fascinating passion.

So how did we come up with the name, well it was quite simple in the end. Make photography simply stands for Mike and Kelly enjoy photography. But I love how the word Make fits. It's not as aggressive as taking something like a photo, it implies we are creating something that didn't exist before. Sure the raw materials existed prior but the idea of making our hobby, transforming it, into something that we can enjoy and others can enjoy with us just fits so well.

Photography can be many things to many people. In some ways it can be your ticket to adventure. For us photography gives us a reason to get out and explore the world we live in. To stand in awe and watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset, to make the time to explore that side road we have always wondered where it went, to hear the stories and meet the people. To have time with our friends creating new memories and enjoying the beautiful country we live in.

This site is all about our journey, both the images and the story behind its creation. We love sharing the journey with others, and if you are another passionate photographer we hope we can pass on some of the knowledge, tips and tricks we have learned along the way . We know you will enjoy the images and the adventures we have, we hope you might even be part of some of them. If you have met us on one of our adventures, we are glad you made the time to come and catch up with us again, leave us a comment or tell us your story, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting our website and being part of our journey 

Best Regards, 

Mike and Kelly