It's safe to say I didn't see that coming..

What a weekend that was.... It's safe to say I didn't see that coming... When we turned up to the display area at the Napier airport this morning, our hopes was to see the P51-D fly, followed by the Venom. Even if that didn't happen, we might get a chance to capture some nice panning shots like yesterday.

With temperatures probably 8-10 degrees colder than yesterday, showers and a building southerly, conditions weren't quite as easy. The first sign that the wind was getting tricky, was the take-off of a Tiger moth which had a few twitches as it climbed. Then as the P51 went over for refuelling the Stearman's made their approach.

The first one landed easily, the second made a great approach, but then as the wheel neared the ground it all went wrong, horribly wrong leaving a sick feeling in my stomach as the plane flipped over. I bought the camera to my eye and snapped off as many frames as I could. No tack sharp images here, but at least I had the 100-400mm on and the settings dialed in.Lucky no one was hurt and the plane can be fixed.

But that's not where the story ended for me. With the 80D I can connect to it with my phone, so before I left Napier I downloaded an image and posted it on Facebook. We were in a bit of a hurry as we were running late, so the picture had nothing done to it. All the way back to Palmie, I could hear my phone buzz with Facebook alerts as the picture spread.

When I got home, I saw that some of those alerts were from Newspapers, and they wanted me to contact them. Stuff was first (even before I left Napier) and friends alerted me that the picture was up on their site (initially without credit to me), thanks mates, great that you have my back. Then back in Palmie, it was the herald and one news. I have to say the pictures though amazing show a moment I would rather have never have happened. Our thoughts still go out to the owners, pilot and ground crew. We wish you all the best and hope the damage is not too bad.


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