We WILL remember them

We WILL remember them I have heard that saying a lot over the years. Said at dawn services of thousands, in dramas and documentaries. But today, with the rules meaning we could not gather for the normal services, this statement seems different. We have had to find a different way to commemorate. A more individual, personal way.

Today started with a call to stand at your letterbox, a dawn service like no other. With the sound of bagpipes and bugles floating in the still morning air, we stood, In our little cul de sac we were not alone, people from over half the houses joined us, standing at their letterbox. Another neighbor played the broadcast of the dawn service for all to hear. A scene that would have been played out countless times in neighborhoods across the country. It was a moment where we were together in a unique way.

Afterwards I went for a walk. As the sun rose I began to notice yet another way we chose to mark this day. With typical kiwi ingenuity, people had chosen to leave tributes in their own unique way. We WILL remember them....


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